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Veterans and Military Affairs

This page outlines the process for veterans, active duty service members and dependents enrolling at Alabama State University. Start the application process early!

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The Veteran and Military Affairs Office is a “One Stop Shop” for all VA student concerns.  We offer pre-admissions counseling, and priority enrollment for first time In college students.  We are also your first stop for academic, financial aid, Student Accounts, counseling center, EEO, housing and other services offered by Alabama State University.

Facilitate Graduation of service members, veterans and dependents. Provides Alabama State University with a center that synchronizes the needs of service members.  This includes keeping veterans/students abreast of university, federal, state and local educational benefits. Develop strong partnerships with U.S. Department of  Veterans Affairs, SAA and U.S. Department of Defense. We will focus on building strong relationships with Air Force and Army ROTC detachments,  Alabama Army National Guard,  Air National Guard and Air Force/Army reserve organizations, Marine, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy in service recruiters.


Conduct pre-admissions counseling with VA beneficiaries. Certifying beneficiaries for veterans affairs services. Recruit active duty service members, veterans and dependents (VA beneficiaries) to pursue an education at Alabama State University. Provide mentoring, teaching and training to beneficiaries. Retain beneficiaries through advisement and training programs. Facilitate the graduation of beneficiaries with the ability to compete and success in the 21st century. 


Department of Veteran Affairs approves benefits for all beneficiaries. Completion of an application is required for those applying for benefits for the first time. Apply for VA education benefits through (print the confirmation page)

  • VA FORM 22-1990 (CH 30, 33, 1606, 1607) 
  • Visit e-benefits to apply for Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits (CH 31)
  • VA FORM 22-1990e (CH 33 Transfer of Entitlement)
  • VA FORM 22-5490 (CH 35) 
  • Direct Deposit24-0296 
  • If you have used benefits previously at another school, please complete VA Form 22-1995
  • When you’ve completed the form, click on the Submit button and submit it electronically to VA (Print the confirmation page)
  • Contact Number: 1-888-442-4551 
  • SCO Contact Information: Felicia Kemp; E-mail: or; Phone Number: 334-229-4418 / 229-4991


IMPORTANT: In order to verify and process your VA educational benefits in a timely manner, all required documents must be submitted Alabama State University Office of Veterans and Military Affairs located on the 2nd floor, J. Garrick Hardy Student Center. Feel free to call 334-229-4991 to speak to a representative regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

  • New VA Beneficiary – Application (Confirmation information)
  • Provide a copy Certificate of Eligibility from VA
  • Curriculum Sheet  (Major) – Get from Academic Advisor
  • Copy of High School Transcript(s) and other University transcripts(Transfer Students)
  • Military Transcripts
  • ACT Test Scores (If taking ENG 129, 130, MAT 129, 130, REA 129, 130 - from Academic Advisor)


Note: All required forms can be submitted via e-mail to the School Certifying Officer or SCO via or 

**The Federally Mandated "Know Before You Owe" worksheet can be assessed by clicking on the link.

Note: This form is to be completed, and kept on file by the Office of Financial Aid for each academic year. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 334-229-4862 for more information. 

Note: Service members may also speak with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within their Military Service prior to enrolling into the institution.


>> Chapter 30 - Montgomery GI Bill® (Active Duty and Veterans) 

All Chapter 30 recipients MUST SUBMIT MONTHLY verification of enrollment. Call on or after the last day of the month 1-877-823-2378. Use the web register, Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) to verify your attendance each month. Simply go to and click on "Verifying Your Attendance".

>> Chapter 31 - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)

A Veteran may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) benefits if he or she:

  • Has received, or will receive, a discharge that is other than dishonorable
  • Has a service-connected disability rating of at least 10%, or a memorandum rating of 20% or more from the Department of Veteran Affairs(VA)
  • Applies for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) VetSuccess services

For additional information about VR&E contact the Regional Office in the state of the Veteran (RPOs do not process VR&E claims).

>> Chapter 33 - Post 9/11 GI Bill® 

Educational assistance for those who served a minimum of 90 days on active duty after September 10, 2001. The Post 9/11 GI Bill® pays in-state tuition and fees only. Provide the office with a copy of the Notice of Basic Eligibility DD Form 2384-1 (NOBE), copy of confirmation letter (online submission) and/or Copy of Certificate of Eligibility. 

Note: Enrollment verification is a new requirement for Post-9/11 GI Bill® students to verify that they have remained enrolled in the same courses or training every month. Students who receive MHA/kicker payments will have their payments withheld if they fail to verify or report that they are no longer enrolled in their courses or training. To streamline the process, VA is providing the option to verify enrollment easily and securely via text message. Read more below. 

This requirement is only for Post-9/11 GI Bill® and does not impact other benefit programs, such as the Montgomery GI Bill® (MGIB), Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC), Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA), Veterans Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP), or the Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship.  This requirement also does not currently apply to GI Bill® students in on-the-job, apprenticeship, flight, or correspondence training.

If you are an MGIB student, this new requirement does not represent a change for you, as MGIB students are already required to verify enrollment.

>> Chapter 33 - Post 9/11 GI Bill® - Transfer of Entitlements (TOE)

Members of the Armed Forces are offered the opportunity to transfer Chapter 33 benefits to their spouse or dependent children. Students refer to the Transfer of Entitlement link link explains what the member must do, what the child or spouse must do, and gives all the needed links. There are two basic steps:

  • STEP 1: The service member (transferor) must transfer the entitlement.
  • STEP 2: The spouse or child (transferee) must apply. The application VA Form 22-1990e; Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits can be completed online at

Note: Alabama State University will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual's inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapter 31 or 33. 

>> Chapter 35 - Dependents Educational Assistance Program (DEA)

Educational assistance paid to dependents of Veterans who have a service connected permanent and total disability or died as a result of services connection. VA FORM 22-5490 must be completed for those applying for benefits for the first time, unless a DEA (Dependent Educational Assistance) confirmation letter can be provided.

>> Chapter 1606 - Montgomery GI Bill® (Selected Reserve Program)

Educational program for members who are actively participating in the Selected Reserve. VA FORM 22-1990 must be completed for those applying for benefits for the first time, unless a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is provided. 

All Chapter 1606 recipients MUST SUBMIT MONTHLY verification of enrollment. Call on or after the last day of the month 1-877-823-2378. Use the web register, Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) to verify your attendance each month. Simply go to and click on "Verifying Your Attendance".


Visit the Admissions page on the ASU website. Follow the instructions and have ACT/SAT, health forms and all official transcripts to complete admissions process.

For help contact Office of Veterans/Military Affairs at Alabama State University (334) 229-4991 for PRE-Admissions counseling. Admissions counseling will be done by members of the Admissions Office at Alabama State University (334) 229-4291.


Every student must complete an application for FASFA if they would like additional financial aid. Apply using Free Application for Federal Student Aid If you have financial aid questions click here to contact Financial Aid.

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

Alabama State University conforms to 34 CFR 668. Alabama State will not use aggressive recruitment tactics. Alabama State will not present fraudulent information to perspective students or parents. Alabama State University will not use erroneous or misleading information.  If you feel your treatment was in violation of University policy, please contact The Office of Admissions and Recruitment or the Office of Student Affairs (334-229-4241)

Our Veterans Affairs individuals are Veterans, Military Retirees and Air Force ROTC Cadre. Felicia Kemp is the School Certifying Officer. LTC Andrew Hunter is the Commander of Detachment 019, the Alabama State University ROTC Department. They have a thorough understanding of Military Installation Protocol, rules and policies.

SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION is a leading online education resource making learning accessible for over 30 million students and educators a month. We believe that your students would benefit from this resource and would appreciate it if you linked to our College Scholarships for Veterans guide.

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) Hap Arnold Grant is a need-based grant ranging from $500 - $4000 per academic year.  Eligible students are undergraduate students who are dependents of active duty or retired United States Air Force or United States Space Force members.  For more information and to apply go to: